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Open Perception Mac OS X code sprint

Open Perception meets OS X

After just a couple of weeks from the official launch, we are happy to announce that the Open Perception organization is sponsoring its first ever PCL Code Sprint. And because we are seriously standing by our commitment to make PCL truly cross-platform, this code sprint is very different than what we're used to: Fix PCL on Mac! What this means is that the lucky participant(s), besides fame and glory, will be receiving financial support through our already established code sprint pipeline, for working on improving the usability of PCL on OS X, and tackling several important issues, such as:

  • clean builds on OS X 10.6+, using different compilers: XCode 4.3+, GCC 4.2+, Clang
  • different methodologies for installing our dependencies (Boost, VTK, etc): source compiles vs prebuilt binaries (e.g., DMGs)
  • Cocoa vs X11 for QVTK (Qt+VTK)
  • analysis and scripts for MacPorts, Homebrew, Fink, CMake/SuperBuild
  • installation locations: /opt/local, /usr/local, user defined
  • offer support for Mac builds on our build farm, managed with TeamCity and CDash

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